Academic guests and Sabbaticals

The staff at Eawag maintain regular contact with colleagues from all over the world, many of whom spend time at Eawag as academic guests. We welcome our international colleagues with open arms, and are delighted to be able to offer them an outstanding infrastructure for their research work.

Sabbatical visitors

Sabbatical visitors contribute to the intellectual and intercultural development of Eawag researchers and students. Eawag therefore welcomes professors or senior scientists who are leaders in their fields within aquatic science and technology and who plan to stay at Eawag for between three months and one year.

Eawag distinguishes between “standard sabbatical visitors” and “targeted sabbatical visitors.” For “standard sabbatical visitors,” no special results are expected during or after the sabbatical. In the case of “targeted sabbatical visitors,” on the other hand, the specific expectations of the results of the sabbatical are defined and accepted by the visitor before arriving at Eawag.

Sabbaticals require detailed prior clarification and, under certain circumstances, official approval. Ideally, interested visitors contact the head of the appropriate research department at least six months in advance for further information and a more detailed exchange.

Master’s and bachelor’s students are also visitors

Detailed information on the chairs held at Eawag, contacts as well as advertised diploma theses can be found here.

Important prerequisite for a sabbatical

The prerequisite for a sabbatical is a valid permit from the Swiss migration authorities. The inviting research department obtains the correct permit for its visitors, provided the required documents are available.


Eawag maintains residential accommodation for international scientific visitors in Dübendorf and Kastanienbaum.

The administration of the respective department is the first point of contact and will be happy to provide further help. The contact details can be found on the website of the respective research department.

Current sabbatical visitors

Name Eawag-Department Home institution
Prof. Shah Amisha Dilip Water Resources & Drinking Water Gast Sabbatical Uni Purdue, USA
Prof. Maria Dittrich Water Resources & Drinking Water University Toronto CA

Former sabbatical guests since 2022

Name Eawag-Department Home institution
Dr. Ahmadi Navid Surface Waters Research & Management Gast Sabbatical T.U. Darmstadt, DE
Dr. Kevin Rose Surface Waters Research & Management Gast Sabbatical Polyt. Inst. Troy, USA
Dr. Nima Pahlevan Surface Waters Research & Management Gast Sabbatical SSAI Greenbelt, USA
Prof. Dr. Ian Charles Bourg Water Resources & Drinking Water Princeton University USA
Prof. Julian Fairey Water Resources & Drinking Water Gast Sabbatical Aufenthalt Uni Arkansas
Prof. Dr. Kip Solomon Water Resources & Drinking Water Gast Sabbatical Uni Utah, USA
Dr. Davies Thomas Jonathan Fish Ecology & Evolution Gast Sabbatical Uni British Columbia Ca
Prof. Dimitri Kavetski Systems Analysis, Integrated Assessment & Modelling Gast Sabbatical Uni Adelaide Australien
Dr. Jochen Knies Urban Water Management Gast Sabbatical NGU Trondheim, Norwegen
Prof. Dr. Ambati Seshagiri Rao Process Engineering Gast Sabbatical Indian Institute Petrol
Prof. John Molson Water Resources & Drinking Water Gast Sabbatical Uni Laval Quebec, CA
Prof. Zhengqian Liu Water Resources & Drinking Water China Scholarship Council
Prof. Dr. Peter Vanrolleghem Urban Water Management University Laval, Canada 
Prof. Jennie Catherine Stephens Directorate Northeastern Uni Boston
Prof. Dr. Chen Zhu Water Resources & Drinking Water University Indiana, USA
Dr. Christoph Aeppli Environmental Toxicology Bigelow Lab. Main, USA
Dr. Virginia Burton Smith Enslein Urban Water Management Villanova University,USA
Prof. Timothy Grant Downing Aquatic Ecology Nelson Mandela University, ZA
Dr. Rainald Löhner Urban Water Management George Mason University, USA
Prof. Dr. Daisuke Minakata Water Resources & Drinking Water Michigan Technological University, USA
Prof. Dr. Paulo Guimaraes Junior Fish Ecology and Evolution Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Prof. Dr. Brendan Bohannan Aquatic Ecology University of Oregon, USA
Prof. Dr. Valerie Belton Environmental Social Sciences University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Prof. Dr. Pablo Lara-Martin Environmental Chemistry University de Cádiz, Spain
Dr. Christina Prieto Sierra Systems Analysis, Integrated Assessment & Modelling ICH Cantabria, Spain
Prof. Chaopeng Shen Systems Analysis, Integrated Assessment & Modelling University Pennsylvania, USA