Education and training

Eawag is involved in the education of students at ETH Zurich, EPFL and other universities and higher education establishments. We also offer a number of apprenticeships every year.

Academic education

Special terms and conditions apply to employment contracts for our doctoral students:

  • As this type of appointment is education-related, doctoral students are always issued with temporary contracts only
  • The maximum duration of an academic position with a temporary contract is nine years
  • Doctoral contracts are issued for a maximum duration of four years
  • A temporary position terminates when the period defined in the contract comes to an end
  • All salaries are set as a result of an annual salary review by Eawag, and are paid in twelve monthly instalments

The duration of an internship at Eawag is generally between three and (maximum) six months.
Advertised internships

Further information

Eawag Partnership Programme (EPP)

Eawag undertakes research projects which are specifically focussed on the needs of populations in developing countries. At the heart of such activities is the improvement of water supply systems and waste water management.

Detailed information

Vocational training

Eawag is committed to vocational training, and to making a meaningful contribution to the education mandate of the apprenticeship system. We offer several apprenticeship places each year, mentoring and supporting our trainees in gaining and developing specialist knowledge and methodological skills, as well as social and personal skills, so that they can put these into practice successfully in their careers.

If you would like to find out more about vocational training and the opportunities for work experience placements, please see the page on apprenticeships and vocational training for details. 

Our open apprenticeship places can be found under vacancies.