Personnel Policies



Eawag offers an international and multicultural working environment combined with opportunities for personal as well as professional development. All employees play an important role in the success of Eawag through their commitment to the Eawag strategy and through making their own individual contribution to the achievement of the mutually agreed goals. Personal responsibility, flexibility, openness and creativity are essential prerequisites in this quest, and employees have a sense of responsibility towards resources and expertise.


The key to success is innovative and dynamic interdisciplinary cooperation, characterised by an openness and flexibility that equips us for the multi-faceted and complex nature of the tasks that are involved in Eawag’s areas of research. At Eawag, we cultivate relationships with one another that are based on respect, tolerance and mutual trust, and this provides the fertile ground needed from which new ideas and projects grow and flourish. Open, transparent communication at every hierarchical level makes successful cooperation possible.


The management staff are responsible for implementing Eawag’s strategy at the appropriate hierarchical level and in a targeted manner. They agree clear, measurable and realistic targets with their staff, and ensure that tasks, responsibility and competencies are matched. They encourage independence, enterprising thinking and action, and are conscious of their own responsibility. The managers create opportunities for creativity and conditions that encourage unbiased cooperation and mutual trust. Conflicts are addressed openly, and clear, fair solutions are sought.

Professional development

Eawag promotes the continuous professional development of its employees in the specialist areas as well as in terms of personal development, connecting you with internal as well as external development and career-progression opportunities and giving you the best preparation possible for your work at Eawag as well as your career beyond these doors. Eawag’s staff development is geared towards the sustainable use of water resources and water bodies, and the institute strives to play a leading role in international research in this field. Eawag not only supports the continual professional development of its employees, but also that of Eawag itself as an institution.