Knowledge and technology transfer

From research into practice

Eawag and its competence centres promote the transfer of research findings to practice. Scientists collaborate with professionals in numerous projects, share their expertise in national and international committees, and maintain an extensive network of contacts. Another of Eawag's concerns is the promotion of young entrepreneurship.

Competence centres

Eawag operates a number of competence centres which address challenges arising in the water sector. These centres promote exchanges between scientific disciplines and practice and initiate joint research projects.

The Ecotox Centre is the centre for applied ecotoxicology in Switzerland. Its goals are to detect and assess the environmental effects of chemicals and to develop strategies for minimizing their risk.

The platform process engineering micropollutants examines measures to reduce the entry of substances from communal and industrial wastewater into the waterways.

The VSA Platform for Water Quality addresses the challenges in assessing the water quality in surface waters in the areas of micropollutants and biology. Together with FOEN, the platform has also been managing the Modular Stepwise Procedure.

The Swiss Fisheries Advisory Service provides scientific findings and information on developments in the administration in the areas of aquatic environments, fish ecology and fisheries management.

The Swiss Groundwater Network CH-GNet supports collaboration on groundwater-related issues and challenges.

Cooperation, Consulting and technology transfer

Water is a public good and should be accessible to everyone, since water is of vital importance for health, welfare and intact ecosystems. The Eawag research centre is a strong partner for governments, associations and national and international organisations, and thus also for industry and the economy. It actively looks for solution-oriented partnerships with various actors and stakeholders and relies on strategic alliances. The page "Partners and Projects in Switzerland" shows consulting and scientific collaboration in various Swiss cantons.

Do not hesitate to consult us if you require a collaboration. Or contact our experts directly. You will find them listed at the end of the web pages on our research topics drinking water, wastewater, biodiversity, ecosystems, pollutants, water and development, inputs to societal decision-making and energy.

Principles of cooperation

  • The task is defined and the work carried out through a collaborative partnership.
  • The task requires the particular competencies of Eawag and cannot equally be performed by private-sector service providers.
  • The task involves implementation-oriented research aspects and makes it possible to gain new insights of general relevance for water and environmental protection.

Services and consulting

Services are provided mainly in the area of continuing education. Fees are generally charged so as to cover costs. However, Eawag only provides services in a scientific context. Requests for routine analysis of drinking water, etc. are forwarded to private laboratories.Beispiele von Zusammenarbeiten und Beratung.

Promotion of young entrepreneurship

Technology transfer

Eawag and Empa support knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) to the economy and society with a jointly run technology transfer office. The technology transfer office is responsible for writing agreements with partners, especially in connection with contract closings, licenses, patents and spin-offs. It supports the researchers in the contract negotiations and also in protecting and marketing research results.


glatec, a non-profit organisation located in Zurich-Dubendorf, runs a business incubator intended to support and facilitate company start-ups and innovation in the fields of materials science, environmental science and technology.

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