Department Fish Ecology and Evolution

Restoration Ecology

Main goals are

  • studying ecological basics in order to formulate ecosystem-based goals and approaches for the process of river repair
  • having a distinct research focus on native fish populations and their habitats in order to recognize the main stressors
  • developing catchment-based scientific frameworks to achieve natural structure and functions in rivers
  • studying and developing mitigation measures concerning the negative impact on fishes from the use of hydropower
  • cooperation with practitioners and river managers in the field of river restoration and hydropower use

Our group

  • studies contemporary river conditions in relation to determine main deficits and future river restoration (main focus fish habitat and fishes)
  • carries out studies to identify main ecosystems stressors (hydrological, morphological and biological)



In the Swiss Plateau more than 50 % of streams and rivers have insufficient morphological conditions and all over Switzerland rivers are highly fragmented by artificial barriers.
Our primary partner in this project is the Laboratoire des constructions hydraulices (LCH) at the EPFL.


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