Department Fish Ecology and Evolution

Theory in Biology, Ecology and Evolution

This is a lab with the common thread of formalizing and testing models to advance synthesis in ecology and evolution driven by the current massive amount of data collection and storage.
Research questions focus on the integration of highly heterogeneous data to understand biodiversity organizational scale in dynamic landscapes using mainly stochastic modelling.
One major focus of our current research is the development and test of ecological and evolutionary models combining historical and contemporary data.

The final dream is to unify the fascinating details of biological systems in a general and testable framework. Students interested in developing and testing theory should have a burning interest in the origin, evolution and coexistence of diversity in ecosystems.

Major themes


Current projects

Tropical Reef. Credit Conor Waldock
Simulating the roles of dispersal, thermal tolerance, and adaptive potential in tropical reef fish responses to climate change
Combining high-resolution individual-based data with food web models to improve our understanding of diversity
Genome evolution and genomic divergence across five lake river pairs of three-spined sticklebacks


Dr. Carlos Melian

Tel. +41 58 765 22 08
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Juliette Surjus

Master student

Project: Multifarious perturbations and the reversal of exploited ecosystems: The expansion of anoxic areas and overfishing in the Baltic Sea as a case study

Eros F. Geppi

PhD. student
PhD title: Metacommunities in fragmented and dynamic landscapes

Dr. Thomas Keggin

Postdoctoral researcher 
Project: Simulating tropical fish biodiversity 

Dr. Mihir Umarani

Postdoctoral researcher
Project: Determining the thermal thresholds and population structure of local coral species


Past lab members


  • Leonardo Aguirre

  • Cecilia Andreazzi

  • Julia Astegiano

  • Catalina Chaparro

  • Gregor Kalinkat

  • Jan Klecka

  • Ayana Martins

  • Gian Marco Palamara

  • Josephine Rodriguez

  • Charles N. de Santana

  • Malena Sabatino

  • Penjuan Zu