Department Fish Ecology and Evolution


Group Leaders

Dr. Jakob BrodersenTel. +41 58 765 2204Send Mail
Dr. Philine FeulnerTel. +41 58 765 2106Send Mail
Dr. Blake MatthewsTel. +41 58 765 2120Send Mail
Dr. Carlos MelianTel. +41 58 765 2208Send Mail


Last Name, First Name, Telephone, MailLocation
Dr. Baruah, Gaurav
+41 58 765 2277, Send Mail
Dr. Chaparro Pedraza, Catalina
+41 58 765 5432, Send Mail
Dr. Ford, Kassandra
+41 58 765 2133, Send Mail
Dr. Greenway, Ryan
---, Send Mail
Dr. Hudson, Cameron
+41 58 765 2166, Send Mail
Dr. Jardim De Queiroz, Luiz
+41 58 765 2282, Send Mail
Dr. Le Pennec, Guénolé
+41 58 765 2260, Send Mail
Dr. Mahulu, Anna
+41 58 765 2291, Send Mail
Dr. Muschick, Moritz
+41 58 765 2159, Send Mail
Dr. Selz, Oliver
+41 58 765 2146, Send Mail
Dr. Singh, Pooja
+41 31 684 30 57, Send Mail
Dr. Shipley, Ryan
+41 58 765 2262, Send Mail
Dr. Stieb, Sara
+41 58 765 2286, Send Mail
Dr. Takatsu, Kunio
+41 58 765 2185, Send Mail
Dr. Ten Brink, Johanna
+41 58 765 2138, Send Mail
Dr. Twining, Cornelia
+41 58 765 2218, Send Mail

PhD Students and Guests

Last Name, First Name, Telephone, MailLocation
Alila, David
---, Send Mail
Charran, Mark
+41 58 765 2111, Send Mail
Delarue, Coralie
+41 58 765 2252, Send Mail
Doenz, Carmela
+41 58 765 2160, Send Mail
Feller, Anna
+41 58 765 3157, Send Mail
Frei, David
+41 58 765 2276, Send Mail
Heller, Naomi
+41 58 765 2194, Send Mail
Jemmi, Eliane
+41 58 765 2196, Send Mail
King, Leighton Rebecca
+41 58 765 2188, Send Mail
Moosmann, Marvin
+41 58 765 2126, Send Mail
Ngoepe, Nare
+41 58 765 2221, Send Mail
Stalder, Dominique
+41 58 765 2265, Send Mail

Scientific Support

Last Name, First Name, Telephone, MailLocation
Dr. Villalba, Soraya
+41 58 765 2167, Send Mail

Technical Support

   boat captain

Brigitte Germann       
Applied ecology
field instruments, temp logger, electro fishery,
fish handling and labeling, telemetrie,

Salome Mwaiko

Fish Ecology Molecular Genetics
DNA/RNA extractions, PCR, Real Time-pPCR, sanger sequencing, RAD library preparation for next generation sequencing

Andreas Taverna   

Fish Ecology
warm water aquaria, mesocosms, molecular genetics, delegate for animal protection and animal experiments, supervisor for learning lab assistants in biology

Pascal Reichlin   

Fish Ecology 
cold water aquaria, mesocosms, field work, supervisor for learning lab assistants in biology

Daniel Steiner   

Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Pigmentanalytics, primary production, respiration measurements, lipids, EA-IRMS, HPLC, radio-isotops, mesocosms

Support team at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution


Alexandra de Peyer
Institute of Ecology & Evolution
Baltzerstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern
Tel. +41 (0)31 684 30 09

Technical support Dr. Marcel Häsler
Institute of Ecology & Evolution
Baltzerstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern
Tel. +41 (0)31 684 30 16


Last Name, First Name, Telephone, MailLocation
Pepe, Nadja
+41 58 765 2108, Send Mail
Achermann-Sidler, Michelle
+41 58 765 2259, Send Mail

External group members

Name Function   
Kayeba Mhoja Field assistant Tanzania    
Haluna Mohamed Field assistant Tanzania    


Name current position
former Group leaders     
Dr. Hitoshi Araki  Professor of Zoology, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan 
Dr. Rudolf Müller 
Dr. Armin PeterPeter Fishconsulting
Dr. Arjun Sivasundar  Senior Manager at Cognizant Analytics
former postdocs                  
Dr. Sonia Angelone Grün Stadt Zürich
Dr. Marta Barluenga Group Leader at Natural History Museum,
Madrid, Spain
Dr. Etienne Bezault Assistent Professor at the Université des Antilles
Dr. David BittnerNaturphotograph und Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Sektion Jagd
und Fischerei, Kanton Aargau
Dr. Domino Joyce Senior Lecturer at University of Hull, UK
Dr. Cyprian Katongo  Lecturer at University of Zambia
Dr. Irene Keller  Bioinformatics Support, Department of Clinical
Research, University of Bern
Dr. Martine Maan          Assistent Professor, University of Groningen, NL
Dr. Denis Roy  Research Assistent Professor, University of Connecticut 
Dr. Vicky Schneider  The Genomic Analysis Center, Norwich, UK
Dr. Ola Svensson  Assistant Professor (Docent) at University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Dr. Gaku Takimoto  Assistant Professor at University of Toho, Japan 
Dr. Jacco van RijsselGuest researcher at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, NL
Dr. Severine Vuilleumier  Group Leader at University of Lausanne, CH  
Dr. Catherine Wagner Assistant Professor at University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA
Dr. Kyle Young  Zurich, CH
former PhD students   
Dr. Alan Hudson Marie Curie Individual Fellow, University of Bristol, UK 
Dr. Kay Lucek Postdoctoral Project Leader, University of Basel, CH
Dr. Isabel Magalhaes post-doctoral fellow, University of Nottingham, UK 
Dr. Michele Pierotti  Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Dr. Manuel Schweizer  Curator of birds, Natural History Museum Bern, CH 
Dr. Rike Stelkens  Assistent Professor, University of Stockholm, SE                              
Dr. Inke van der Sluijs Technical Manager Europe
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Dr. Christine Weber Programm leader "Swiss Rivers Program"
former Fulbright fellows                  
Pamela Woods  postdoc at MARICE lab, Iceland
former Masters students  
Benjamin Adjei  Distinct fisheries director in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana 
Geoffrey Dheyongera    
Tsegazeabe Haileselasie   lecturer Mekelle University, Ethiopia 
Nellie Konijnendijk   PhD student at KU Leuven, Belgium
other scientists                 
Werner Göggel  Amt für Umwelt und Energie, Kanton Luzern 
Dr. Susanne Haertel-Borer   BAFU, Morphology and Residual Flows of Surface Waters Section  

Sabbatical visitors

Name     Year
Dr. Francisco BaldoSpanish Institute of Oceanography, CadizMarch - August 20
Dr. Hari Sdridhar Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science in BangaloreJan - Febr 20
Prof. Luc De MeesterKU Leuven, Department of Biology, BelgiumMarch - Jun 19
Dr. Victor EguiluzSpanish National Research Council, Department of Complex Systems, Instituto de Fsica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos IFISC, Palma de MallorcaMarch - May 19

Prof. Luke Harmon

University of Idaho
Dept of Biological Science, USA

Jan - Jun 16
Prof. Janette Boughman Department of Zoology
Michigan State University, USA
Oct 12 - Aug 13
Dr. Anssi Karvonen Department of Biological and Environmental Science
University of Jyväskylä, FI
Prof. Katherine Gross W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Michigan State University, USA
 April - Mai 2011
Prof. Garry Mittelbach W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Michigan State University, USA
 April - Mai 2011