Department Fish Ecology and Evolution


Our primary partner in this project is the Laboratoire des constructions hydraulices (LCH) at the EPFL.

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River Hasliaare

We were studying the current state of fish ecology in the River Hasliaare and in the Vorderrhein. A preliminary study of the Hasliaare was completed in July 2009 and is available as an internal report.

A PhD project (start October 2009 – July 2013) documents how fish habitat and fish communities are affected by hydropeaking. This project has the main focus on brown trout, and aims to propose mitigation measures. These measures should help to minimize the negative impacts on brown trout. We use habitat modeling with a hydraulic model and preference curves for brown trout. The Hasliaare River and the River Vorderrhein were modeled with the CASIMIR habitat model. Publications are available.


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