Department Fish Ecology and Evolution

Stickleback Speciation Genomics

In this on-going large-scale genomics project we study the genome evolution at a population scale in an ecological and evolutionary model species, the three-spined stickleback. We analyse whole genome data from 66 three-spined sticklebacks, which originate from three ecotypes, a marine population and multiple lake-river population pairs, over a broad geographical range. Population diversity is contrasted between parapatric and geographically distant (allopatric) population pairs undergoing parallel ecological Adaptation.


Feulner, P. G. D.; Chain, F. J. J.; Panchal, M.; Huang, Y.; Eizaguirre, C.; Kalbe, M.; Lenz, T. L.; Samonte, I. E.; Stoll, M.; Bornberg-Bauer, E.; Reusch, T. B. H.; Milinski, M. (2015) Genomics of divergence along a continuum of parapatric population differentiation, PLoS Genetics, 11(2), 1-18, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004966, Institutional Repository
Chain, F. J. J.; Feulner, P. G. D.; Panchal, M.; Eizaguirre, C.; Samonte, I. E.; Kalbe, M.; Lenz, T. L.; Stoll, M.; Bornberg-Bauer, E.; Milinski, M.; Reusch, T. B. H. (2014) Extensive copy-number variation of young genes across stickleback populations, PLoS Genetics, 10(12), 1-18, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004830, Institutional Repository

Feulner, P.G.D.*, Chain, F.J.J.*, Panchal, M.*, Eizaguirre, C., Kalbe, M., Lenz, T.L., Mundry, M., Samonte-Padilla, I., Stoll, M., Milinski, M., Reusch, T.B.H., Bornberg-Bauer, E. (2013)  Genome-wide patterns of standing genetic variation in a natural marine population of three-spined sticklebacks. Molecular Ecology 22: 635-49