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"The power of the small” premiered at Global Science Film Festival"

November 20, 2019 | Stephanie Schnydrig

The Global Science Film Festival took place from the 15th to the 17th November in Zurich. In addition to films and short films, videos produced by scientists were shown – amongst those, a film by Helmut Bürgmann and Davide Ciccarese.

Helmut Bürgmann and Davide Ciccarese from Eawag, in collaboration with Flurin Sturzenegger and Mashid Gazorpak from the University and ETH Zurich, produced the short film "The Power of the Small". The idea and the concept were developed during the Science Filmmaking Marathon and the finished product shown for the first time at the Global Science Film Festival.

In the 5 minutes long film, the producers shed light on microorganisms and their significance in our everyday lives. Helmut views putting scientific content into an emotional story line as an excellent opportunity to make science more accessible to the public and thus convey the importance of research more efficiently. Therefore, Bürgmann would not put it past himself to produce another film, as long as his busy everyday life as a researcher allows it. Time was also of the essence for the making of "The Power of the Small". After one day of introduction and theoretical insights, only three days were left to come up with an idea, write the storyboard, film, edit and underly everything with a soundtrack. project. According to Helmut, focus, planning and dividing of the tasks were crucial for the completion of the film.