Department Urban Water Management


The SNSF Ambizione project TraceStorm aims to quantify micropollutants in urban stormwater, asses the removal efficiency of common stormwater control measures (SCMs), and recommend appropriate SCMs for circular stormwater use options. Urban stormwater contains a variety of contaminants and especially the risk of mobile micropollutants for human health and the environment is largely unknown. There is a lack of data on the occurrence and removal of trace organic contaminants in SCMs. By developing alternative Micropollutants monitoring approaches we gain information on the occurrence, removal, and risk of micropollutants in SCMs. The project aims to assess how urban stormwater can be used without negative impacts on human health and the environment.


PhD student

Fabienne Maire Tel. +41 58 765 5208 Send Mail

Master student

Project duration

June 2023 – May 2027