Department Urban Water Management

The Eawag Urban Living Labs Research Platform

Today’s cities face complex challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and urbanisation. These challenges are prevalent globally but manifest themselves locally in various forms. Innovative and interdisciplinary approaches are required to address them. Urban Living Labs (see definition below) are one approach that provides solutions in concrete and delimited urban areas.

Urban Living Labs

Urban Living Labs aim to solve complex and pressing urban issues and bring about transformation towards more sustainability. They are located in a delimited urban area (e.g., a city district) and are characterised by collaborating with all relevant stakeholder groups through transdisciplinary methods (e.g., co-creation).

The Eawag Urban Living Labs Research Platform is designed to maximise the impact of individual ULLs by facilitating a coordinated learning process, creating synergies and replicating and scaling results. This entails linking different projects within or across multiple ULLs through stakeholder interaction and information exchange. Furthermore, systematic documentation and the synthesis of results play a crucial role in this process.
Consequently, valuable results are generated, with implications for both the scientific community and practitioners.


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