Department Environmental Chemistry

Pilot scale advanced treatment of wastewater with granular activated carbon (GAC) and combined with ozonation (O3/GAC) at WWTP Glarnerland

Different technologies are evaluated in pilot scale to eliminate micropollutants at the wastewater treatment plant WWTP Glarnerland with a foreseen size of 105’000 p.e. in 2040. The treatability of this wastewater with ozone needs to be assessed first, because several industries discharge to the WWTP. The suitability of treatment with granular activated carbon (GAC) alone is evaluated with three different GAC materials. High empty bed contact times (EBCT) are tested, because experiments performed at WWTP Bülach have shown that a minimal EBCT is crucial to achieve a good elimination of micropollutants. In parallel, two GAC materials are evaluated with a partial ozonation at low ozone doses up front. The combination of oxidation and adsorption allows a higher flexibility, but needs to be evaluated in terms of economic aspects.


2017 - 2020


Abwasserverband Glarnerland (AVG)
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)