Department Environmental Chemistry

Molecularly imprinted polymers: A new approach for the CSIA of aquatic micropollutants in the sub-microgram/liter range

Compound-specific isotope analysis of organic micropollutants requires processing large sample volumes with concomitant interferences from the organic matrix. Using benzotriazoles as model contaminants, we explore the use of molecularly imprinted polymers for selective analyte enrichment.

Molecularly imprinted polymers for solid phase extraction (MISPE) allows one to process up to 30 L water samples

Latest publications

Huntscha, S.; Hofstetter, T. B.; Schymanski, E. L.; Spahr, S.; Hollender, J. (2014) Biotransformation of benzotriazoles: insights from transformation product identification and compound-specific isotope analysis, Environmental Science and Technology, 48(8), 4435-4443, doi:10.1021/es405694z, Institutional Repository
Spahr, S.; Huntscha, S.; Bolotin, J.; Maier, M. P.; Elsner, M.; Hollender, J.; Hofstetter, T. B. (2013) Compound-specific isotope analysis of benzotriazole and its derivatives, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 405(9), 2843-2856, doi:10.1007/s00216-012-6526-1, Institutional Repository