Department Environmental Chemistry

Teaching and continuing education

We are actively engaged in PEAK courses for practising environmental specialists as well as formal course instructions and thesis supervision predominantly at the ETH-Zürich in the Environmental Sciences Department and the Chemistry Department at University Zürich

Course title Course-No.                               Department Lecturer           (Uchem bold)
Analysis of organic pollutants 701-1332-00P ETHZ, USYS Juliane Hollender,
Heinz Singer
Grundlagen der Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie 529-0037-01L/G ETHZ, Chemie Thomas Hofstetter
Juliane Hollender
Christa McArdell
Environmental Organic Chemistry 701-1314-00L ETHZ, USYS K. McKneil,
T. Hofstetter
M. Sander
Agriculture and water quality 701-1342-00L        ETHZ, USYS

C. Stamm
E. Frossard
W. Richner
H. Singer

Advanced Ecotoxicoloy       701-112-0L          ETHZ, USYS Rik Eggen,
Kristin Schirmer,
E. Janssen
Marc Suter
Introduction to environmental organic chemistry CHE 104 UZH, IfC Kathrin Fenner




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