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Paul-Crutzen-Award 2013 for Eawag PhD

September 27, 2013 | Andri Bryner

Christoph Moschet was awarded the Paul Crutzen Prize on 25 September 2013 for his publication “Multi-Level Approach for the Integrated Assessment of Polar Organic Micropollutants in an International Lake Catchment: The Example of Lake Constance”. The prize is awarded by the Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for an outstanding scientific work in the field of environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. The award, carrying a cash prize of 1,500 euros, was made at the SETAC GLB annual conference in Essen.

Christoph Moschet’s publication highlights results from the work he carried out for his master’s degree, for which he developed an innovative and comprehensive approach to ascertaining and assessing the pollution of water with organic micropollutants in the Lake Constance catchment. In his work for his master’s, Christoph was able to build bridges between various disciplines (chemistry, modelling, ecotoxicology), between practice and research and between field measurements and computer calculations. The resulting paper was published in the journal “Environmental Science and Technology”.