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Prevention and cooperation – the key to drinking water security

November 14, 2016 | Andri Bryner

The “Regional Water Supply for Basel-Landschaft 21” project, which was started in 2013, culminated today in a media conference in Liestal. The Office for Environmental Protection and Energy, the Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs, along with Eawag, EPFL and experts from other institutions examined the canton’s water supply system in five sub-projects. The conclusion they drew was a positive one: drinking water production for the canton of Basel-Landschaft is secure. However, some challenges were also identified that still need to be dealt with. For example, the small-scale organisational structures make it more difficult to protect groundwater and water-supply security locally. Measures also need to be taken to monitor mineral water, which can suffer microbiological contamination as a result of rainfall.