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VSA Water Quality Platform off to a good start

June 29, 2016 | Andres Jordi

In recent decades, Swiss water protection efforts have focused on reducing nutrient inputs; today, one of the main concerns is controlling micropollutants. Given the wide variety of substances and input pathways, this is a complex undertaking. In 2015, a Water Quality Platform was therefore established by Eawag, the Federal Office for the Environment and the Swiss Water Association (VSA) so as to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience between research, authorities and the private sector. In its first year, the Platform’s office has already dealt with numerous enquiries, facilitated contacts with experts and given presentations, as well as initiating or providing expert support for various projects. For example, the Platform is responsible for managing a database containing background information on over 1000 micropollutants. In addition, in connection with sustainable resource use programmes, it advises cantonal authorities on the planning of outcome evaluations designed to assess the effectiveness of measures to reduce pesticides in surface waters.