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Damien Bouffard appointed professor at the University of Lausanne

September 30, 2022 | Bärbel Zierl

The University of Lausanne has appointed Damien Bouffard as ad personam associate professor. The specialist in aquatic physics has headed the Eawag Aquatic Physics Research Group in the Surface Waters Department since January 2017.

Damien Bouffard's research focuses on characterising the physical processes that govern transport and mixing processes in natural waters, mostly lakes. His goal is to provide a physical understanding of how the aquatic environment functions. Together with his team, he combines a broad spectrum of tools, from in-situ observations, such as on the LéXPLORE research platform floating on Lake Geneva, to various types of hydrodynamic models such as meteolakes. Damien Bouffard is also committed to promoting fully open science to strengthen collaboration in research and to jointly address complex environmental challenges.

Damien Bouffard studied marine hydrodynamics at Centrale Marseille and graduated with a master’s in physical oceanography from the Université de la Méditerannée, Marseille. He completed his PhD at EPFL and then conducted postdoctoral research at Queen’s University in Canada. In 2012, he took on an assistantship in the Aquatic Physics Laboratory at EPFL and finally joined Eawag in 2017 as Group Leader Aquatic Physics. In parallel, he taught as a lecturer at EPFL, ETH Zurich and the University Lausanne, and supervised several doctoral and postdoctoral students. Since 2021, he has also been involved as a member of the Open Research Data expert group in the ETH Domain.

Cover picture: Damien Bouffard taking measurements on Lake Zug. (Photo: Oscar Sepúlveda Steiner, Eawag)