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Eawag water experts contributing to a new online course

November 2, 2017 | Deborah Kunz

Christian Stamm and Alfred Johny Wüest are lecturing along with other academics and practitioners in a new online course on “Water in Switzerland”, run by the University of Zurich. The course, addressed to the public, examines how this element affects various aspects of life in Switzerland.

It dribbles and runs, ripples and rushes, seeps and flows. We drink it, bathe and shower in it. Water is essential for life – and so ubiquitous that we hardly ever worry about it. A new online course offered by the Hydrology and Climate group at Zurich University’s Geography Department is ideal for anyone interested in how water shapes the life, society, landscape and economy of Switzerland.

Short films and lectures will consider various aspects of hydrological research. The course is divided into seven modules, covering the following topics: water cycle, distribution of rainfall, soil and ground water, water drainage, flood and flood protection, water quality, water pollution, water supply and the cultural impact of water.

The online course lasts seven weeks. No prior knowledge is required to participate. The time commitment is one to three hours per week. The course language is German; some videos are in English with German subtitles. The course is free. On successful completion, a certificate can be ordered for a fee of 49 dollars. Registration is possible until 6 November 2017. The course will be repeated on a regular basis.

Film - Das Prinzip aller Dinge ist das Wasser (in German)