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Greifensee as a house laboratory for Eawag water research

January 4, 2022 | Andri Bryner

The honourable Natural Research Society of Zurich has just published its 224th New Year's Bulletin. It is devoted entirely to the eight square kilometre Greifensee, which Eawag is also researching intensively.

Eawag has long used Lake Greifen as its in-house laboratory and lecture room  on its doorstep. It is therefore clear that Eawag research should not be absent from the New Year's Bulletin of the Natural Research Society of Zurich on Lake Greifen.

Read the Article here. (in German only)

After the Forch, which is now a play ship at the Eawag-Empa crèche, the Otto Jaag was christened and put into operation in 2013.
(Photo: Eawag, Andri Bryner)  
On the left, a current aerial photo; on the right, a montage of what the lake and its shores would probably look like today if a protection ordinance had not been drawn up in 1941.
(Picture from the New Year's Bulletin NGZH).

The entire New Year's issue can be ordered here for CHF 25.

Watch the latest video on Greifensee research in Nano on 3sat.

Cover picture: Archiv Eawag