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Why study biodiversity? Because we depend on it!

April 8, 2021 | Lisa Bose (WSL) und Bärbel Zierl (Eawag)

In the Blue-Green Biodiversity research initiative of WSL and Eawag scientists from around the world are working together to find solutions to the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss. The scientists explain in a video what they are working on – and why.

The loss of biodiversity is, next to climate change, one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing. Research and action to reverse and mitigate the loss of biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions and services are thus crucially needed. With the Blue-Green Biodiversity research initiative, scientists from WSL and Eawag focus together on biodiversity at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The goal of the initiative is to strengthen interdisciplinary biodiversity research within WSL and Eawag, and to understand and respond to challenges associated to species loss and biodiversity change.

In 2020, 13 research projects started with the aim of delivering results as quickly as possible. They focus on analysing existing data to answer current questions in both basic and applied biodiversity research. In summer 2021, longer-term research projects with new experiments, field studies and data collection will start.

But what exactly are the scientists studying and why?
See for yourself:

Cover picture: Eawag, Bärbel Zierl