Changes in Water

The major global challenges cannot be thought about, investigated and solved without considering water as a connecting element. In our complex world, in which numerous crises interact, water-related solutions are needed.

The publication “Changes in Water” illustrates how Eawag contributes to the developments of solutions in the areas of health, cycles, biodiversity and the climate crisis through teaching, consulting, excellent basic and applied research.

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Eawag’s field of research and activities

The climate crisis and the increasing demand for resources present us with major challenges. Eawag sees these challenges as an opportunity to have a positive impact. It analyses the far-reaching effects of global warming on ecosystems and humans, and develops innovative strategies for sustainable water use and management. Our aim is to improve resilience to weather extremes and secure water supplies at local and global level in the long term.

Research - knowledge – impact

From one to eleven. What are we doing differently? An example of how Eawag works to remove micropollutants from domestic wastewater.

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