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The annual Eawag Info Day is an important platform for exchange between science and practice. The Info Day magazine supplements the event and as from 2022 replaces the previous conference proceedings. It provides a comprehensive overview of the topic of the Info Day. Furthermore, additional information, pictures and videos are available online.

The printed edition of the Info Day magazine is published in German and French. The online edition is also available in English.

Info Day magazine 2022: Dynamics of water: new tools, new opportunities

The technologies and tools for recording and analysing water bodies are constantly evolving, and in some cases very rapidly. They enable specialists from different fields, whether from research or the private sector, to study the dynamics of surface waters and find solutions for the conservation of water resources – one of the major challenges facing society.

The Info Day magazine 2022 shows the current state of developments and explains how these tools can be used in lakes, rivers as well as urban areas to be able to support a holistic approach at the water catchment area level.


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