Evaluating the outcome of river rehabilitation projects

Evaluating the outcome of river rehabilitation projects – towards an efficient use of resources

4’000 river kilometers will be rehabilitated in Switzerland over the course of the coming 80 years! This rehabilitation activity provides the unique opportunity to learn from the implemented measures for future projects. A learning process in the framework of this multi-generation activity is only possible if

  • data concerning implementation and effects of river rehabilitation projects are available
  • these data are comparable among each other, i.e. they were sampled in a standardized way
  • also long-term trajectories of river rehabilitation are studied, complementing findings from short-term studies,
  • the causes for a specific effect can be identified.

The present project aims at developing management options for

1)  a project-specific success evaluation in the framework of the program conventions for river rehabilitation

2)  a long-term success evaluation on selected rehabilitation projects.

We will define the methodological requirements, particularly by using existing tools. Furthermore, we discuss potential consequences, under consideration of synergies with ongoing activities in other planning areas, such as flood protection.

The elaboration of the management options will be performed in close exchange with practitioners and national and international researchers.