Trace metal isotopes as potential proxies for productivity

5 décembre 2022, 11h00 - 12h00

Eawag Kastanienbaum, Seeheim & Online

Speaker: Chun Fung Chiu, Dept. of Surface Waters, Eawag

Please send an e-mail to marta.antonelli@eawag.ch to receive access data to this online seminar and further information.


Marine photosynthesis and the subsequent export to the sediments can effectively draw down a large amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This set of processes, called biological pump, is pivotal to Earth’s climate. Understanding the control of the pump is thus crucial to gain more insights into the global carbon cycle. With their association with biological activities, bioactive metals have recently drawn attention among the researchers, in the hope that their isotopes could provide further constraints on these marine processes. In this presentation, we will provide a brief introduction on a coming research that aims to develop these isotopes into reliable proxies for biological productivity.