Biodiversity Convention - From Science to Implementation

25. Juni 2023 - 29. Juni 2023, 9:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

Monte Verità, Ascona






Climate change and biodiversity crisis are intricately linked and interdependent and the preservation of our biodiversity requires an integrated approach to both challenges. Urgent policy action is needed to address direct (e.g. land use change, urbanisation, pollution) and indirect drivers (e.g. economic policies, governance systems) to prevent or reverse biodiversity loss, and to allow ecosystems to recover and to be restored.

This requires combining research approaches and methods in innovative ways, working across a broad range of disciplines as well as involving decision-makers.

This convention, organised by the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity and the Blue-Green Biodiversity Initiative of Eawag and WSL, will stimulate exchanges between researchers, practitioners and policy/decision-makers, in order to foster actionable research and promote implementation of measures to prevent or reverse biodiversity loss.

The convention is organized into six main themes:

  • Blue/Green
  • Global change/Mitigation
  • Indigenous/Western Knowledge Systems
  • Natural processes/Human management
  • Nature/Culture
  • Science/Policy


The deadline to register is April 30th.

The conference and the accommodation at Monte Verità are in the same premises and the registration interface has 2 STEPS:

Step 1 - registration and payment of the conference registration fee

Step 2 – booking and payment of the meals & bedroom fee

payments are possible only by credit card

STEP 1 - Registration and payment of the registration fee

Fill out and submit the registration form.

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STEP 2 – Booking and payment of meals & bedroom

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  • for organizational reasons, it is necessary to first book the meals and then proceed with the booking of the bedroom at Hotel Monte Verità.
  • book your meals and bedroom latest 15 days prior to arrival. After that date the Platform will be closed.


  • it is expected to take the meals package at Restaurant Monte Verità, even if you are staying at an external hotel.
  • in case you are not attending the whole conference, it is also possible to book the meals only for the duration of your stay.


  • single rooms are limited and some have a shared bathroom.
  • undergraduate students and postdocs are expected to share twin rooms.
  • if you wish to share a twin room with a colleague, please mention both names at the time of booking.
  • if you wish to book a shared double room with an accompanying person (not active participant), please mention both names at the time of booking (please be aware that accompanying persons pay the standard room price and are not entitled to the CHF 28.- additional price reduction per person and night granted by CSF/ETHZ to active participants.).
  • the rooms on this platform can be booked only for the duration of the conference. If you wish to book a pre- and/or a post-night, please contact the Hotel Reception Monte Verità (

In case there is no availability or in case you do not wish to stay at Hotel Monte Verità, you can look for another hotel in the nearby Ascona village (15/20 minutes on foot from Monte Verita Centre).


We are inviting you to submit your contributions to the conference. Contributions of early career researchers are very much encouraged, particularly for oral presentations and for leading discussions.

Please submit your contributions using this form latest by Friday, 24 February 2023.

Note that the convention is organized into six main themes:

  • Blue/Green
  • Global change/Mitigation
  • Indigenous/Western Knowledge Systems
  • Natural processes/Human management
  • Nature/Culture
  • Science/Policy

The following formats are available:


  • “classic” conference presentation, 12 minutes + 3 minutes of Q&A
  • Short / Ignite Presentation: share your ideas on 3 slides max, 4 mins + 1 min Q&A
  • Poster: introduce your work / idea on a A0 Poster, we will have a dedicated poster session

Discussion group:

A subject that you wish to be discussed and explored in depth during several days of the conference. Each day would have 2-3 hours for discussion, and so one subject could be discussed for a total of around 10 hours. This will allow for significant progress in the subject area and lay of solid groundwork for any subsequent work. We believe this would result in a conference paper.

Science Café:

Short discussion on a specific topic, participants rotate between topics.