Environment and Energy

The Ecology Team ensures a sustainable operation of Eawag by:

Conserving resources - ensuring Eawag employees act in an environmentally conscious way
Networking – providing a platform for information and coordination of eco-policy and eco-action
Playing a role model – providing leadership and motivation for environmental protection and sustainable development
Concrete action – developing strategies and action plans and providing support during their implementation


Team Leader & Environmental representative - Dominik Scheibler

  • Coordinates corporate environmental activities of Eawag and promotes sustainable development
  • Heads the Eco Team
  • Implements monitoring mechanisms for successful resource and environmental management (Environment + Energy)
  • Advises the Directorate and research & technical departments on environmental management and sustainable development issues
  • Deals with public relations
Patric Artho Tel. +41 58 765 6697 Send Mail
Marc Böhler Application and Development Tel. +41 58 765 5379 Send Mail
Thomas Kälin Tel. +41 58 765 6447 Send Mail
Michael Plüss Tel. +41 58 765 2255 Send Mail
René Schönenberger Lab Technician Tel. +41 58 765 5105 Send Mail

Project groups

Material flows; waste - Dominik Scheibler, René Schönenberger, Marc Böhler

Energy flows, renewable energies (Environment + Energy) - Dominik Scheibler, Patric Artho

Internal evironmental incentives, Mobility/transport - Dominik Scheibler, Michael Plüss, Marc Böhler

Landscaping/environmental design - Dominik Scheibler, Patric Artho

Offers Video Conferencing, IT  - Thomas Kälin

Directorate representative - Rik Eggen