We offer attractive conditions of employment in an international working environment. In addition, we promote a culture that stimulates excellent scientific work, create scope for innovation, and set high priorities in topics such as human resources development, gender equality, work-life balance and many more.

We are always looking for new top talent to drive Eawag forward together. Interested? We look forward to receiving your application!

Conditions of employment

Working hours

Target working time is 42 hours/week with 1 hour as compensatory time.
The additional hours will be compensated between Christmas and New Years or as additional holiday days during the year.


Salary is calculated or determined fairly according to function, usable experience and performance in accordance with the salary system of the ETH Domain or the directive for flat-rate salaries.


6 weeks up to the age of 20
5 weeks from the age of 20
6 weeks from the age of 50
+ up to 6 days each (depending of the degree of employment) additional due to compensatory time (see working time).

Probationary period

3 months, extendible to 6 months

Notice periods

During the probationary period
1 week in the 1st and 2nd months of employment
1 month as of the 3rd month of employment

After the probationary period
1 month in the 1st year of service:
3 months from the 2nd year of service:

No notice of termination in the case of fixed-term employment (end of contract in accordance with a fixed term)

Family allowances

For children up to the age of 16 (in training up to the age of 25 at the most), there is a monthly entitlement to family allowances:
CHF 383.80 for the 1st child
CHF 245.05 for each additional child
CHF 275.90 educational allowance from age 16 in education.

A supplementary portion shall be paid if the employee works at least 50% of the time.

Salary deductions

  • AHV/IV/EO 5.3% of gross salary
  • ALV 1.1% of gross salary up to CHF 148,200.00
  • Non-occupational accident insurance 0.44% of gross salary
  • Pension fund according to ordinance
  • Withholding tax according to the regulations of the canton of residence

Accident insurance

Possibility of taking out collective supplementary insurance for compulsory accident insurance

Continued payment of wages

In case of illness or accident:

  • 1st & 2nd year of service: 100% up to a maximum of 365 days
  • From the 3rd year of service: max. 730 days, up to 365th day 100%, from 366th day 90%

Continuation of salary in case of parenthood

  • Maternity 100% during 4 months
  • Paternity: 100% during 20 days

Loyalty bonuses

10th and 15th year of service: 11 days of holiday or half monthly salary
From 20th year of service, every 5 years: 22 days of holiday or a full month of salary

Legal basis

Eawag and its employees are subject to the Personnel Ordinance (PVO), the Federal Personnel Act (BPG, in German) and the Framework Ordinance to the Federal Personnel Act (BPG, in German).

Additional services

Various discounts/entitlements on public transport subscriptions, PubliBike, bike rentals, parking spaces, mobility car-sharing, Amag, Brack and many more. Sporting activities and various courses for continuing education.

In addition, we have a staff restaurant, a library and day-care centre at the Dübendorf site.

At the Kastanienbaum site, employees can get something from a baker who comes by daily. A fully equipped kitchen is also available.

ETH Domain Pension Provision

As an employee, you are insured with Publica. The pension regulations are available online.