Lauren Cook

Dr. Lauren Cook

Group leader

Department Urban Water Management

About Me

With a background in hydrologic engineering, energy, and climate impacts modeling, I am an expert in translational work across disciplines needed to solve critical engineering challenges. I use this expertise to explore interdisciplinary research questions that employ stormwater and energy infrastructure to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Want to learn more about my career and be inspired at the same time? Then check out this video I made for recent MSc graduates from ETH Environmental Engineering. 

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Improving the environmental benefits of green roofs through system focused experiments and modeling
How to design blue-green infrastructure to enhance urban biodiversity?

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Curriculum Vitae

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Cavadini, G. B.; Cook, L. M. (2021) Green and cool roof choices integrated into rooftop solar energy modelling, Applied Energy, 296, 117082 (13 pp.), doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2021.117082, Institutional Repository
Cook, L. M.; Larsen, T. A. (2021) Towards a performance-based approach for multifunctional green roofs: an interdisciplinary review, Building and Environment, 188, 107489 (14 pp.), doi:10.1016/j.buildenv.2020.107489, Institutional Repository
Cook, L. M.; McGinnis, S.; Samaras, C. (2020) The effect of modeling choices on updating intensity-duration-frequency curves and stormwater infrastructure designs for climate change, Climatic Change, 159, 289-308, doi:10.1007/s10584-019-02649-6, Institutional Repository
Cook, L. M.; VanBriesen, J. M.; Samaras, C. (2021) Using rainfall measures to evaluate hydrologic performance of green infrastructure systems under climate change, Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, 6(3-4), 156-180, doi:10.1080/23789689.2019.1681819, Institutional Repository

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Phone: +41 58 765 5474
Fax: +41 58 765 5802
Address: Eawag
Überlandstrasse 133
8600 Dübendorf
Office: BU B06

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Expert of

planning of infrastructure, climate change, modeling, sustainable water management, urban water management

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Research Focus

Blue-green infrastructure


Performance-based design

Sustainable cities

Climate resilience

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