Department Process Engineering

Application and Development

We deal with practical relevant applications and technology developments and processes in the field of waste water and sludge treatment. Beside the optimisation of nutrient removal and of the use of sludge as a resource, we have more and more projects dealing with nutrient recovery and contaminant removal at municipal wastewater treatment plants in Switzerland. We focus on questions about technical feasibility and the implementation of new processes and procedures for wastewater treatment plants, as well as test solutions on a semi-industrial scale.

We maintain a close partnership with the local wastewater treatment plants and cooperate in projects with water management stakeholders, such as cantonal authorities, plant equipment manufacturers, engineering firms and trade associations. As a part of a national research centre, we also have an advisory function.

VSA/DWA/IWA events and Eawag Peak courses are important to us to ensure knowledge transfer. The practical projects are often carried out with the support of the federal environmental technology promotion or the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) or in the context of EU projects. Active implementation, and advising on wastewater projects with a high level of innovation and scientific expertise, is among our tasks.


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Selected projects

  • Nutrients Recovery - Production of a fertiliser from wastewater - air stripping and membrane stripping.
  • Biological post-treatment after ozonation for the elimination of micro pollutions
  • NEST - Research and Development Platform for sustainable building.
  • Sludge treatment - Optimization of the sludge treatment (WWTP Neugut, Dübendorf)
  • Ozonation - Monitoring and control of ozonation for the removal of trace elements by UV absorptiometry (WWTP Neugut, Dübendorf)
  • Activated Carbon - Procedures for the application of activated carbon to remove trace elements municipal wastewater

Completed projects

  • Strategie Micropoll - Mass-flux-study, Ozonation Regensdorf, powdered activated carbon.
  • Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) - PAC dosage to flocculation filtration of WWTP Kloten/Opfikon to improve micropollutant removal.
  • Wastewater in alpine areas - Decentralized treatment and reuse of toilet wastewater in alpine areas.
  • Membranes - Use of membranes for municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Press technology - Innovative press technology for sewage sludge dewatering.

Selected Publications

Kohler, J.; Schmitt, M.; Krumbeck, H.; Kapfer, M.; Litchman, E.; Neale, P. J. (2001) Effects of UV on carbon assimilation of phytoplankton in a mixed water column, Aquatic Sciences, 63(3), 294-309, doi:10.1007/Pl00001356, Institutional Repository
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  • Boehler, M., Siegrist, H., Seyfried, A. and Grömping, M. 2013. Ammonia Stripping from liquid side streams of sewage sludge processing and production of ammonium. Book chapter 10 in “Effective sewage sludge management – Minimization, recycling of materials, enhanced stabilization, disposal after recovery, by Giuseppe Mininni, IRSA, CNR edizioni, Roma.