Department Environmental Social Sciences

Best paper Award for ESS publication (July 2019)

July 31, 2019

Judit Lienert, group leader in the ESS department, has been awarded the "Best EJOR Review Paper" prize together with Mika Marttunen and Valerie Belton at the EURO Conference in Dublin end of June.

Mika Marttunen worked as a researcher and Valerie Belton as an academic guest at Eawag. Together with Judit Lienert they received an award for their review "Structuring problems for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in practice: A literature review of method combinations", which was published in 2017 in the "European Journal of Operational Research". This is one of the best journals in this field.

In this literature review, they have obtained a systematic overview of various problem structuring methods that can be used in individual phases of a "multi-criteria decision analysis". They present the problem structuring methods, show how the individual methods can be combined with multi-criteria decision analysis and discuss possible advantages and disadvantages of this combination. According to Judit Lienert, this overview with references to further literature could be very useful for other Eawag researchers who apply multi-criteria decision analysis - or who simply want to better structure problems.