Department Environmental Social Sciences

The Environmental Social Sciences department (ESS) conducts cutting edge environment-related research from the background of several social science disciplines. It collaborates closely with the engineering and natural science departments at Eawag and with leading universities and research institutes in Switzerland and abroad.

Our research is divided into six competence clusters:

Sustainability Transitions in Infrastructure Sectors (Cirus)
We analyse sustainability transitions in infrastructure sectors focusing on the interplay of local and global innovation dynamics.

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Decision Analysis (DA)
We aim to better understand complex environmental decision problems and to research methods of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).

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Environmental Economics (EnvEco)
We focus on the interactions between economic activities and water resources by applying different economic methods and tools. 

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Environmental Health Psychology (EHP)
We research public acceptability of sustainable innovations and behaviour change related to water issues.

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Policy Analysis and Environmental Governance (Pego)
We address questions of public policy and governance in the water sector and beyond, focusing on current important societal challenges.

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Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research (ITD)
We explore and lead inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration and integration for sustainable urban water management.

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