Department Environmental Social Sciences

Official „Safe Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR): Phase 2“ Project launch in Lima, Peru

January 24, 2017

Up to 88 representatives from the national government, local authorities, start-ups, private and public companies, NGOs, investment funds, and academic institutions participated in the official launch event for the second phase of the “Safe Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR)” Project in Lima, Peru.

The day covered some of the political and technical key aspects to the implementation of safe RRR businesses promoting cost recovery in Lima’s sanitation systems by turning waste streams into valuable resource streams. In the morning, a panel discussion between key political actors gave participants the opportunity to learn more about the challenges that come with the institutional reforms needed to enable public and private entrepreneurs to turn waste recovery into a safe and environmentally friendly business. In the afternoon, a workshop introduced participants to the project’s scope and it’s approach to overcome technical challenges of RRR business model innovation.

The workshop’s lively discussions resulted in valuable lessons learned for both participants and the project team. Participants are now being invited to subscribe to an extended coaching program were they will develop and test their ideas supported by experts of the RRR project team.