Chemical Pollution in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This report draws attention to the issue of anthropogenic chemical pollution and its effects on human and environmental health in low- and middle-income countries (LAMICs).

Structured around 5 production sectors, this report:

  • systematically describes the chemical substances and classes used in these sectors, as well as their effects on human and environmental health
  • aims to give the best possible comprehensive literature overview on existing situations and developments
  • identifies major knowledge gaps and needs for further actions
  • recommends to increase data availability and know-how on various scales: global, country and local/catchment
  • describes best practice examples with the motivation to develop further mitigation measures
  • advocates for more awareness and action on this issue in LAMICs of growing concern

The report can be downloaded for free [42.7 MB]


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Individual Chapters:

  • Chapter 1:Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction[3.66MB]
  • Chapter 2:Agricultural Chemical Pollutants[8.88MB]
  • Chapter 3:Veterinary and Human Health Care Pollutants[7.70MB]
  • Chapter 4:Mining Industry Pollutants[9.40MB]
  • Chapter 5:Electronic Industry Pollutants (E-Waste)[7.07MB]
  • Chapter 6:Residual Waste from Selected Industries[4.30MB]
  • Chapter 7:Knowledge Gaps and Opportunities, Appendix[273KB]
  • Chapter 8:References[186KB]