Department Surface Waters - Research and Management

Aquatic Physics

The Aquatic Physics Group studies physical processes mainly in lakes, reservoirs and rivers. We have two approaches:

  • From small scale in situ turbulence measurements to large scale three-dimensional models.
  • Aquatic physics as a tool to understand aquatic systems.

Our research consists in dedicated in-situ measurements together with large scale three dimensional numerical models. This approach is perfectly fitted to understand the spatial variability of lakes. An example can be seen here with results of a three dimensional hydrodynamic model of Lake Geneva provided in forecasting mode (see also project CORESIM).



Current Projects

A new multidisciplinary research platform for Lake Geneva
How to investigate the spatial variability in lakes?
How to best monitor ice in Swiss lakes?
What is the role of convective processes on early life growth in ice-covered lakes?
Buoyancy driven nearshore transport in lakes
How do stream and lake water temperature change in Switzerland
How bacteria-driven convection affects bacterial community physiology