Department Surface Waters - Research and Management


The Biogeochemistry Group at Eawag Kastanienbaum studies biogeochemical processes in lakes and marine systems.
We have three main foci:

  • Investigating the process of anaerobic methane oxidation and anaerobic ammonium oxidation in sediments and water columns of lacustrine and marine systems
  • Estimating methane emissions including diffusive emissions and ebullition from lakes and reservoirs
  • Methanogenesis in dependence on organic material origin

Systems under investigation include African and Siberian lakes (Kivu, Baikal), lakes in Switzerland (Lake Rotsee, Lago di Cadagno, Lake Zug, Lake Lucerne, Lake Lugano), and Lake Van.


Current Projects

This project contributes to the Blue Green Biodiversity Research Initiative – an Eawag-WSL collaboration focusing on Biodiversity at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
We try to understand the bulk and compound specific carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions in food chains.
We investigate how the origin of the organic material determines methane production.
We investigate the process of anaerobic methane oxidation in the water column of different lake systems.