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Remote Sensing

The Remote Sensing research group investigates optical processes in surface waters and explores the use of remote sensing for water quality monitoring on regional and global levels.

Our ambition is to advance remote sensing towards routine use in ambient water quality assessments. An important component in this process is the integration with conventional sampling approaches. To this end, we facilitate dedicated measurements to relate optical with biophysical properties of water constituents. We develop methods for the retrieval of problem-specific water quality parameters from satellite data, and produce data for assimilation with hydrodynamic and water quality models.


Prof Dr. Alexander Damm
Remote Sensing of Water Systems (RSWS), Dept. of Geography, University of Zurich


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Current Projects

How can we infer the growth of algae from the natural, sun-induced fluorescence?
Can we resolve vertical variations in lake water quality using NASA’s future, hyperspectral OCI sensor onboard the PACE satellite?
How do calcite particles form in lakes, and how do they affect the surface colour?
Formation, evolution, and monitoring of glacial lakes in Switzerland
How are changes in remotely sensed phenology related to the biodiversity of lakes and their surrounding watersheds?


Environmental monitoring satellites provide a unique view on the state of surface waters worldwide.
Modern satellite and computer infrastructures enable the timely retrieval of problem-specific information.