Department Surface Waters - Research and Management

Sensors and Analytic

The group dealing with Chemical Sensors and Analytics investigates nutrient cycles and behavior of lake ecosystems and small wetlands. We perform systems analysis in terms of nutrient budgets, fluxes between compartments and transformations. We investigate processes at interfaces with high temporal and/or spatial resolution applying in situ measuring and sampling systems.



Current Projects

How is nitrate removed from lakes?

The Cycle of Nitrogen in Lakes

Mineralization of organic matter in sediments produces reduced substances that consume oxygen in the bottom waters. Comparison of nutrient-rich and nutrient-poor lakes.
The implementation of a portable capillary electrophoresis instrument in environmental science
Development of an electrochemical microtitrator for very small sample volumes
A user-friendly software for the calculation of chemical equilibria was developed at Eawag and can be downloaded for free including a manual.