Department Urban Water Management

Urban Water Management

Research in this department aims at the urban water system as an entity and at developing the corresponding ecological, economical and social services into a sustainable future. In addition to traditional questions concerning urban hygiene and water pollution control, the sustainable use and management of the resources is a primary concern. Read more

Urban Water Observatory

The Urban Water Observatory (UWO) is a long-term initiative of ETH and Eawag to establish a sensor network in Fehraltorf, allowing spatially-distributed monitoring of urban water cycle processes.  Read more


June 11, 2019

For 13 years, the "building" foundation has been committed to promoting the next generation of engineers in the construction industry, which also includes the Building Award for remarkable and innovative engineering achievements in construction. This year's award in the "Research and Development" category goes to NEST, the modular research and innovation building of Empa and Eawag. Read more

May 21, 2019

A team of engineers from ZHAW and Eawag has developed a smart-sensor solution for monitoring drinking-water mains. The system supplies its own energy and sends the data by wireless transmission. Read more


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Research Projects

Goal is an improved planning procedure for sustainable water supply and wastewater infrastructure management that links into the existing Swiss governance structures.
An inter- and transdisciplinary strategic research program that strives to develop novel non-gridconnected water and sani- tation systems that can function as comparable alternatives to network-based systems.
Advancing estimation of illicit drug use from wastewater samples - the role of in-sewer drug transformation.
Kanalnetzbewirtschaftung für besseren Gewässerschutz