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Building Collaborative Urban Drainage research labs Communities (CoUDLabs)

The overall aim of CO-UDlabs  project is integrate research and innovation activities in the field of Urban Drainage Systems to address pressing public health, flood risks and environmental challenges. In the project 17 key large scale research facilities of seven Research Infrastructures (RI) in Europe will be integrated to offer transnational access to high quality laboratory and field facilities, human resources and improved data sharing platforms to the R&D community, water utilities and their supply chain.

In addition, joint research activities will be carried out regarding Smart sensing and monitoring (JRA 1), asset deterioration and management (JRA 2) and improving resilience and sustainability (JRA3) in urban drainage systems.

Nine international partners collaborate to tackle pressing environmental challenges, flood risks and public health issues

The consortium is coordinated by the University of Corona (Spain) and consists of nine partners from seven European countries, including four universities, three leading national research institutes, a non-profit organization and a multi-sectorial SME.


Providing access to 17 unique ‘field scale’ urban drainage experimental facilities and the associated know-how

Co-UDlabs brings together 17 unique ‘field scale’ urban drainage experimental facilities, providing innovation, collaboration and high level training opportunities. The main aim of CO-UDlabs is to integrate research and innovation activities in the field of UDS to address these pressing challenges and provide opportunities for pervasive monitoring of water quality, UDS performance and smart and open data approaches.

Eawag is performing targeted research on smart water quality monitoring (WP6), leads activities regarding harmonization and capacity building and contributes to the Transnational access provision with the Research Infrastructures “Urban Water Observatory” (10) and the “experimental Hall” (11).

Interested in conducting R&D projects on shared urban drainage experimental facilities in Europe?

Get in touch and watch out for the next call for transnational access (~October 2021).


Dr. Jörg Rieckermann Group Leader Tel. +41 58 765 5397 Send Mail
Prof. Dr. Joao Paulo Leitao Senior scientist (Group Leader) Tel. +41 58 765 6714 Send Mail


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Project duration

July 2018 - November 2025