Department Environmental Chemistry

Water quality and management

Our activities focus on understanding how agriculture and urban sources affect water quality. We concentrate on organic (micro-)pollutants. We also consider impacts of heavy metals and nutrients and  work on concepts on how to best monitor water quality in practice. Interdisciplinary studies on issues like linking water quality and ecological effects (e.g. EcoImpact) or policies of water management (CrossWater) are an essential aspect of our research.


Dr. Christian Stamm Deputy Head of Department Tel. +41 58 765 5565 Send Mail

Team members

Baptiste Clerc Research Collaborator Tel. +41 58 765 6764 Send Mail
Dr. Daniele La Cecilia Postdoctoral scientist Tel. +41 58 765 5485 Send Mail

Ongoing projects

Feasibility Study Trend Analysis and Spatial Transferability of Pesticide Monitoring Data
Surface water contamination by plant protection products in small catchment: How do they get here? an inter- and trans-disciplinary research project, studying environmental, health and institutional dimensions of pesticide use in tropical settings
Interdisciplinary project on biological effects of urban micropollutants
Input of plant protection products into surface waters in rural landscapes: What is the relevance of hydraulic shortcuts ?

Selected finished projects

Managing micropollutants in surface waters in a transboundary context: On the way to appropriate management Units
According to the Swiss constitution, the Swiss agriculture has to fulfill several, partially conflicting goals such as agricultural production on the one hand and ...
The aim of the project was to quantify the biocide/pesticide losses to surface waters originating from urban and agricultural areas focusing on rain-driven contamination events...
The goal of this project was to develop a prototype of such a framework, to test it in selected case studies, and to assess how water quality may be influenced by future climate and societal changes...
The project aimed at developing tools for delineating risk areas for diffuse losses of herbicides at the scale of single fields within agricultural catchments...