Continuing education at Eawag

Dialogue with practitioners and support for upcoming scientists

Eawag shares its research-based knowledge with practitioners through its continuing education courses and annual Info Day. Summer schools offer the opportunity for upcoming scientists to exchange ideas with researchers from all over the world.

The continuing education opportunities offered by Eawag are designed for water specialists in industry, government, and consulting firms, as well as for undergraduate and doctoral students.

Through its annual Info Day, practice-oriented ‘PEAK’ courses and joint courses with the Swiss Centre of Applied Ecotoxicology shares its research-based knowledge with practitioners and promotes dialogue between academics and practitioners. Interested visitors are also welcome to attend the ‘Eawag Seminar’ (see Agenda), a series of lectures at which researchers from Eawag and other institutions present their latest findings on important, water-related research topics.

During the summer holidays, Eawag offers Summer Schools designed for the next generation of scientists. The Eawag Summer Schools provide not only intensive instruction in specialized topics, but also the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with internationally-renowned scientists.

Cover picture: Aquatic internship at Eawag. (Photo: Aldo Todaro)