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Dr. Helmut Bürgmann

Microbial Ecology

Department Surface Waters Research & Management

About Me

Head of the Surface Waters - Research and Management department and the Microbial Ecology research group.

Research interests
Dissemination and evolution of antimicrobial resistance in the aquatic environment.
Microbial nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur cycling.
Structure - function relationships in microbial communities.
Linking gene expression to biochemical processes in environmental microbial communities.
Microbial interaction with ecosystem processes on various scales.

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Wastewater is a source of antibiotic resistant bacteria. We study their dissemination in the aquatic environment, and strategies to remove them.
Niches and traits of methanotroph bacteria in stratified lakes are studied with the ultimate goal to improve process models.
We study the ecological stability of anammox biofilms, which are responsible for the autotrophic Nitrogen removal in mixed nitritation-anammox systems.
How is nitrate removed from lakes?

The Cycle of Nitrogen in Lakes

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Curriculum Vitae

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