Department Environmental Social Sciences

Development and evaluation of evidence-based behavior change interventions to foster sound WASH behaviors in Malawi

Project description

This project aims at developing and testing evidence-based behavior change strategies to alter unhealthy hygiene and drinking water practices, as well as sustainable use of adequate sanitation in Malawi. The study includes three panel surveys with the same households and pupils, a baseline, midline and endline survey of 800 households and 400 pupils about WASH practices (sanitation and hygiene). Data from the baseline survey revealed the significant behavioral determinants of WASH-related behaviors. We used the results to design various promotion activities that were implemented by the local partner, Red Cross Malawi (RCM). The most effective intervention will then be applied at scale. Data from the endline survey will reveal how effective and sustainable the promotion activities were. The results will be used for Red Cross tools and documents on behavior change approaches for preventing and controlling WASH related diseases.

Project objectives:

  1. Developing and conducting a baseline survey to inform behavior change interventions
  2. Mid-term evaluation of behavior change interventions using a midline survey
  3. Evaluation of the sustainability of behavior change interventions with an endline survey
  4. Contribution to RC tools and documents on a behavior change protocol for preventing and controlling WASH related diseases