Department Environmental Social Sciences

EIS: Strategic research alliance for Energy Innovation Systems


Changing the energy systems to climate friendly and sustainable systems is one of the largest challenges facing society today. The characteristics of the innovation systems with respect to new and renewable energy technologies are central for how well countries perform and are able to contribute to the needed changes, in a strong international competition. The impact of energy technology, equipment and know-how on the Danish economy has been growing fast during the latest decade. But as the international competition increases continuous, ambitious and intelligent innovation is needed to maintain a strong Danish position. However, the understanding and the analytically-based knowledge of the energy innovation systems are still scattered and limited on many points.

The purpose of the strategic research alliance is to analyse the nature of the energy innova-tion systems in Denmark, seen as part of an international context, and to connect leading Danish and international researchers analyzing energy innovation systems. Through the analyses the alli-ance will critically assess the characteristics of the innovation system and the innovation dynamics with respect to individual areas of energy technology. The alliance activities will feed into strategic planning and innovation in individual areas of energy technologies as well as to development of policies and institutionalisations in the energy area more generally and within innovation and re-search policy. In addition, the alliance will assess to what extent the ambitious visions and plans about green growth, competitiveness and innovation for sustainability are realistic.


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