Department Environmental Social Sciences

Handwashing Campaigns in Burundi and Zimbabwe

Project description

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Behavior Change Campaigns on Hand Washing in rural and urban areas of Burundi and zimbabwe

Goals of the project:

The aim of this project is to a) provide quantitative evidence for conducting target­ oriented behavior change campaigns; b) to implement handwashing campaigns in two countries, Burundi and Zimbabwe; c) to measure exactly the success of the campaigns; d) to prepare the field in these countries for follow-up promotion activities. The research team of Eawag will enhance project outcomes and specifically strengthen the knowledge gain on effectiveness of measures and disseminate these results to a wider public for thus increasing effectiveness of hygiene promotion campaigns worldwide and thus significantly positively impacting on human health of the most vulnerable and poor segment of the population.

Countries: Burundi, Zimbabwe

Theoretical Approach: The RANAS Model

Methods: Quantitative structured interviews with school-children and their primary care givers, along with structured observations within household and school copounds