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Fisheries Advisory Service

FIBER – Advisory service and training for fishermen

The Swiss Fisheries Advisory Service is a link between fisheries-related research, administration, and angling. FIBER provides scientific findings and information on  developments in the administration in the areas of aquatic environments, fish ecology and fisheries management.

FIBER currently has the following focal points:

  • preservation and promotion of natural reproduction and the related importance of the protection and enhancement of small water bodies
  • enhancement and connection of habitats
  • diversity of fish, with focus on intraspecific diversity

FIBER aims to promote a sustainable fishery by providing advisory services and training to fishermen. To this end, FIBER regularly organises seminars and workshops, publishes brochures or newsletters on current issues and offers public talks for fishing clubs and associations.

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Responsible body

FIBER is financed in equal shares by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the aquatic research institute Eawag. The FOEN and Eawag, together with two representatives of the cantons (the Hunting and Fisheries Administrators Conference JFK and the Swiss Association of Fisheries Inspectors SVFA and a representative of the Swiss Fisheries Association SFV-FSP, also form the steering committee of FIBER.

Photo: Michel Roggo


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