Department Surface Waters - Research and Management

Aquatic Chemistry

Our group is conducting research on biogeochemical processes in rivers, lakes and wetlands.
We combine chemical sensors, tracer techniques and modelling to address topics such as

  • the reaction of freshwater systems to environmental change,
  • the role of oxic-anoxic boundaries in carbon and nutrient cycles,
  • sustainable strategies for the management water resources.

We teach several courses at ETH Zurich.


Current Projects

Niches and traits of methanotroph bacteria in stratified lakes are studied with the ultimate goal to improve process models.
We examine the role of nitrogen for the functioning of the ecosystem in Lake Tanganyika
We search for and sample peat-forming wetlands in remote areas of Colombia to inform more reliable carbon mapping and modelling efforts.
We study the water quality of Andean Rivers associated with existing and proposed hydropower projects.