Department Surface Waters - Research and Management

Lac Léman Exploration (LéXPLORE)

LéXPLORE is a common project between Eawag, EPFL, University of Lausanne and University of Geneva. The LéXPLORE experimental platform is now installed on Lake Geneva for a period of 10 years near Pully, where the water depth is 110 m.
The platform is equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation to investigate lake processes as well as interactions between water and atmosphere. A suite of state-of-the-art instruments allow unprecedented simultaneous observations of coupled physico-biological processes.
This in-situ deployment of sensitive profiling instruments allow measurements at high temporal and spatial resolutions and enable observations of unparalleled frequency, long-term duration, continuity and reliability.
At the same time, the platform offers information from across the lake, by integrating in-situ data from the platform with remote sensing observations and modelling data (see also CORESIM and Datalakes project).

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